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Original Music For Films and Games

Who am i?

I am an epic music composer in various original musical genres.

Shaul Hadar is an epic music composer, producer and classical piano player for more than 31 years now.
Shaul writes and produces original and epic music for computer and mobile games, and movies. Shaul can write music in any genre that is needed.

Shaul is also a DJ/Producer, under the alias Counter Point, and releases tracks in compilations in major electronic music labels, like Agitato Records, Nutek Chill, Noga Records, Enormous Tunes, and more.

Shaul is also an expert in playing and interpreting the piano music of Chopin. Shaul has the rare honor of playing almost all of Chopin’s great works, a unique skill which gave Shaul an original and masterful touch to his compositions.

Latest music

I compose music in various original genres, you can find here my latest creations !

Unexpected Journey

Duet Muse


Piano Mysts

After Hours – EndingĀ 

Impromptu No. 1

Contact me

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Shaul Is an epic orchestral music composer for computer and mobile games, films, and more.