Wrote Music For 18 Android Games By Mominis

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star fighter

I had the pleasure of writing music for Mominis, which is a great android developer.
Here is a roundup of all the android games I have written music for:

  1. Icy Golf
  2. Hoopz
  3. Snakedelia
  4. Trapdoorer
  5. Mole Vs. Lava
  6. Joe’s Farm
  7. Locochew
  8. Beast Out
  9. Memo Trumps
  10. Star Fighter
  11. Giovanni’s Pizza
  12. Extreme Prs
  13. Bloble
  14. Extreme XOXO
  15. Afra Fly
  16. Garden Ball
  17. Cheepers
  18. Fill Of Light


You can check out the Mominis area in the Android Market.

Shaul Hadar

Shaul Hadar

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Shaul Hadar is an epic music composer, producer and classical piano player for more than 27 years now. Shaul writes and produces original and epic music for computer and mobile games, and movies. Shaul can write music in any genre that is needed.

Shaul is also a DJ/Producer, under the alias Counter Point, and releases tracks in compilations in major electronic music labels, like Agitato Records, Nutek Chill, Noga Records, Enormous Tunes, and more.

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