Music for PC Games

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music for games by shaul hadar

Music is the lifeblood of a picture or a video. It provides a boon to it and people take interest in watching those things that are having good music quality. In this way, music is important  for watching a movie or for playing the games. There are many PC and Mobile games available for which music is important. It adds a new life to that game and people play like they are playing it in real. Certain epic music composers are available for this purpose. They are providing a good quality sound and music to all kinds of PC Games.

There are many people who like to play games on their computer like 3d first person shooters, RPG’s, real time strategy, fighting and more. The online gaming business has been growing from year to year and currently the best games are being produced like block buster Hollywood movies. This is a great opportunity for epic orchestral composers to put their epic music tracks in games like these. And today the technology has come really far, and you can have the power of a full orchestral symphony while composing music from your home computer.

Music for games is getting really popular these days and most of the big games even release a soundtrack of the game music, just like a normal CD release.
A number of games brought to us top-notch music, like in Halo, and Skyrim, and you can listen to those tracks and see how far the music for games business has gone.

Most of the producer’s and composers work on Digital Audio Workstaions, or DAW’s. The best of those are Pro-tools, Cubase, and Logic. Today’s computers can let you produce a track with hundreds of violin and cello players, and you can do whatever you want.

Shaul Hadar

Shaul Hadar

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About Me

Shaul Hadar is an epic music composer, producer and classical piano player for more than 27 years now. Shaul writes and produces original and epic music for computer and mobile games, and movies. Shaul can write music in any genre that is needed.

Shaul is also a DJ/Producer, under the alias Counter Point, and releases tracks in compilations in major electronic music labels, like Agitato Records, Nutek Chill, Noga Records, Enormous Tunes, and more.

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