shaul hadar - epic music composer

Wrote music to Halo : Homefront

I just finished writing the main menu music to the amazing Halo : Homefront. I wrote an
epic orchestral track with influences from Halo music.  I think the outcome is quite epic 🙂

Halo : Homefront is a mod of the great game Homeworld 2, by relic entertainment, which
was one of the greatest strategy games ever.  This mod is geared towards Halo fans, and
is based in the Halo universe. The project is produced by Broken Line Studios.

Here is a little bit on the project:

Command warships that stretch for kilometers and field dozens of weapons, nimble
frigates which dip and weave in combat against their counter parts and strafe larger ships,
heavily specialized carriers able to dispatch dozens of fighters or drones, or explore more specialized, exotic weapons.

Main Menu piece – Mod DB